Trump and the Taiwan Call

Trump and the Taiwan Call, by Scott Adams.

By now you know that President Elect Trump took a call from the President of Taiwan and simultaneously lit on fire the underpants of the mainstream media and maybe the leadership of China too.

Apparently taking a phone call from the president of Taiwan is a major diplomatic change from the so-called “One China Policy” that imagines Taiwan as a rogue province of China, not its own country. Reports are saying this call was planned, not a mistake on the Trump team’s side. …

Trump is “setting the table” for future negotiations with China. He just subtracted something from China’s brand that they value, and later he will negotiate with them to maybe give it back in some fashion. Probably in return for some trade concessions. …

The Taiwan call is consistent with the New CEO Play  … He’s setting the tone as bold, effective, and not waiting for red tape to slow him down.

Quite refreshing. Perhaps some Taiwanese companies like Foxconn, maker of iPhones, might set up plants in the US before too long?