Burning US flags: Trump against free speech?

Burning US flags: Trump against free speech? by Lion of the Blogosphere.

Freedom of speech is that all that stands between blogs like this and punishment by the politically correct:

Justice Scalia himself joined the majority opinion of Texas v. Johnson which held that burning the American flag is constitutionally protected free speech. And Trump has said that he wants to fill Scalia’s seat with a like-minded replacement. …

An absolutist view of free speech is the only thing protecting [non-PC] bloggers from being censored by the liberals. If Trump weakens free speech, and then he leaves office in four or eight years to be replaced by a Democrat, it could mean the end of [non-PC] blogs. I could be thrown in prison!

Trump’s 1950s values:

This tweet, however, is consistent with my view of Trump as someone who generally has 1950s values (a decade when burning of the American flag was not well appreciated) and supports law and order, but who is not a deep thinker and is not well studied in constitutional law.

It’s a great troll on the PC crowd — Hillary Clinton, as a New York State Senator, co-sponsored a bill to outlaw flag-burning.

Not sure if this was deliberate, but this tweet is great because it will provoke liberal idiots and BLM types into publicly burning American flags. Hello 10% more of the white vote! …

Also, your comment demonstrates that flag-burning isn’t really subversive. It never causes anyone to join the cause of the flag burners.