Push in schools to fight ‘modern’ homophobia

Push in schools to fight ‘modern’ homophobia, by Rebecca Urban.

Educators are being urged to look out for a new form of “modern homo­phobia” — characterised by disinterest, disingenuous support or “sham tolerance” — as part of efforts to promote sexual diversity education in schools.

A guide prepared by the GALE Association — a global education alliance that counts several ­Australian academics, including Safe Schools founder Roz Ward among its membership — warns that in some countries, such as Australia, it is more common to encounter “modern homo­phobia” than “traditional homophobia” where same-sex-attracted people face open ­hostility and rejection.  …

Broadening the definition of “homophobia” — to anyone who doesn’t show enough enthusiasm:

A push to broaden what it means to be homophobic is particularly relevant in Australia, where opponents to the Safe Schools program and to same-sex marriage have been tagged with the label. …

According to the GALE Association guide, “modern homophobics state they are not homophobic but they prefer their child not to be LGBTI and they prefer not to associate with LGBTI, especially when they do not conform to heteronormative standards”.

What’s next?

hat-tip Stephen Neil