Funding Leftist Frenzy: Soros funds a recount so the Left can remain unhinged

Funding Leftist Frenzy: Soros funds a recount so the Left can remain unhinged, by Deborah Weiss.

In anticipation of a Trump loss, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts professed that anything other than graceful acceptance of the loss would “threaten democracy.”  But now that Trump has won, the left has hypocritically become unhinged.

After violent protests, petitions to eradicate the electoral college, and coddling college age students to miss class, delay exams and obtain psychotherapy to deal with the “trauma” of the election results, liberal political elites are in fear that the left will at last, calm down and accept the results.  They cannot accept such complacency. …

The left has demanded a recount by hand, which apparentlly won’t be completed on time. Is that what it’s all about?

The goal is to delegitimize Trump and the whole electoral process. If the certifications aren’t done by the time necessary for Trump to be officially named President, in other words, say he has 260 electoral votes because the three states have not completed the recount — then the vote for presidency gets kicked to the House of Representatives who will undoubtedly still make Trump President (and the Senate votes for Vice President, and will likewise make Pence VP).  But then the left can say that Trump is not legitimate because he didn’t have 270 electoral votes at the time he was made President.

The funding:

Jill Stein, who raised a meager amount for her own Presidential run, in comparison to the funds she is bringing in for the recount, is aiming for 7 million dollars in her fundraising efforts and is likely to succeed. Any money not used toward the recounts will remain with the Green Party.

It’s also interesting to note that Clinton’s attorney, Marc Elias, has been funded by anti-American billionaire George Soros to file recount efforts on behalf of Democrats generally, and to fight to change voting laws established by Republican legislatures that actually ensure voter integrity, but which Soros insists are “restrictive”. The National Voting Rights Institute, which persuaded Clinton to participate in the recount challenge also receives funding from Soros.

hat-tip Stephen Neil