This gun can take down a drone from over a mile away

This gun can take down a drone from over a mile away, by Thomas McMullan.

The DroneGun is essentially a fancy-looking jammer that interferes with the drone’s signals, from distances of up to 1.2 miles. Instead of making a drone explode, the 13lbs (6kg) piece of kit forces the flier to land. It can also trigger the drone’s “return home” function – useful for authorities that want to track the person behind the drone’s controls.

Over the past year, Japanese police have deployed a crime-fighting drone squad – equipped with big nets – while London’s Met has hinted that it would be interested in copying tactics by Dutch police, using live eagles to hunt and take down drones. In October last year, The Guardian reported on a “death ray”, developed by a set of British technology firms, which can knock pesky unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) out of the sky by targeting their radio frequency.