CNN’s Christiane Amanpour equates climate ‘deniers’ with proponents of ‘ethnic cleansing and genocide’

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour equates climate ‘deniers’ with proponents of ‘ethnic cleansing and genocide’, by Marc Morano.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour equated climate change skeptics with the purveyors of “ethnic cleansing and genocide in Bosnia” and “unspeakable crimes.” She also declared that the media should not give voice to those who reject the alleged “consensus” of man-made climate fears.  Amanpour warned of a “Tsunami of fake news.” …

“It appeared much of the media got itself into knots trying to differentiate between balance, objectivity, neutrality, and crucially, truth. We cannot continue the old paradigm — let’s say like over global warming, where 99.9 percent of the empirical scientific evidence is given equal play with the tiny minority of deniers.

I learned a long, long time ago, covering the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Bosnia, never to equate victim with aggressor, never to create a false moral or factual equivalence, because then if you do, particularly in situations like that, you are party and an accomplice to the most unspeakable crimes and consequences.

So I believe in being truthful, not neutral.”

Wow. What a lot of nonfactual nonsense. Social media and the Internet are undermining her media monopoly, whereby she and her friends got to put only their viewpoint to the public, and anyone in the media who didn’t agree with them was drummed out. And she really doesn’t like the new development.

I recently discovered that all the current climate models have a technical error. The whole carbon dioxide theory of global warming is built on a modeling error. Yes increasing carbon dioxide warms the world, but only a fifth to a tenth as much as the IPCC currently estimates. Good news — we aren’t going to fry. I am now writing a book on this. Do you think the media, lorded over by the likes of Christiane Amanpour at CNN and Tony Jones at the ABC, will give the discovery fair coverage?