The Fake News Witch Hunt: McCarthy’s Red Scare Redux

The Fake News Witch Hunt: McCarthy’s Red Scare Redux, by Dave Kranzler.

[Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and owner of the PC paper The Washington Post] was quietly appointed by the Secretary of Defense to the Defense Innovation Advisory Board in July. The Board was formed in March 2016 to “focus on new technologies and organizational behavior and culture.” The Board has been asked to  “identify innovative private-sector practices and technological solutions that the DoD could employ in the future.”

Clearly this is straight out of Orwell’s playbook. It has behavioral modification and thought control seeping from every pore. It is a Deep State operation and Jeff Bezos is now part of the Deep State fabric.

This is Orwell’s Thought Police. The new “advisory board” is headed up by Google’s Eric Schmidt.  Recall that right after the primaries if you typed “Presidential election” in a Google search bar the first item that popped up was picture of Hillary Clinton standing in front of the Presidential seal. It was eventually removed. …

An organization called “PropOrNot” recently published a list of 200 websites that “reliably echo Russian propaganda”. Except that the list is basically the 200 largest non-PC political websites. This is the latest leftist ploy after “fact-checking,” which became an unsubtle attempt to pass off progressives memes as truth and to deny reality.

The two gentlemen who should be most offended are David Stockman and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  both of whom stick out prominently on the list.  Stockman and Dr. Roberts are former high-level Government officials.  Both were, among a long list of prestigious and patriotic accomplishments, members of Reagan’s Cabinet.  The accusation that they are conduits for Russian “fake news” is not only absurdly idiotic, it’s libelous terrorism.

This development is yet another move down that slippery-slope to Totalitarianism on which the United States Government is sliding. …

I predict this PropOrNot movement, sponsored by the likes of Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt, is going to succeed in shutting down the one ray of hope left for this country.  Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post has taken the lead in this modern version of a McCarthyism “witch hunt” and the WashPo exemplifies the amount of political power and wealth being directed at suffocating the truth. It is Orwell’s playbook unfolding in front of us.