Ohio State attack: Eleven injured after stabbing rampage by Muslim on university campus

Ohio State attack: Eleven injured after stabbing rampage by Muslim on university campus, by the ABC. (The ABC did not have “by Muslim” in their headline.)

A man ploughed his car into a group of pedestrians at Ohio State University and then got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot to death by a police officer, authorities say.

Eleven people were hurt, one critically, and police said they were investigating the possibility it was a terrorist attack.

A director of public safety said the man, who has been identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was a student at the school.

A US official told AP that he was born in Somalia and living in the United States as a legal permanent resident. …

At least two people were being treated for stab wounds, four were injured by the car and two others were being treated for cuts, university officials said.

The ABC studiously avoided mentioning “Islam” or “Muslim”. So over to RT:

Officials identified the suspect as OSU student Abdul Razak Ali Artan. He was a legal permanent resident from Somalia …

Authorities believe they have found Artan’s Facebook profile, where they say he posted a “declaration” that expressed grievances over attacks on Muslims …

Artan is believed to have left moved to Pakistan from Somalia with his family in 2007, NBC reported. He came to the US in 2014 as a refugee, and was granted legal permanent residency. …

“I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen.”

A police officer, identified as Alan Horujko, was on scene within a minute of the start of the attack, and shot and killed the suspect within a minute. … His motive remains unknown, but OSU officials said that the attack was clearly planned in advance.

The modern left would like to import many more refugees, especially from Islamic countries like Somalia — if building an electoral coalition of the fringes, you need more fringes. What do the white rich people at the top of the Democrat Party think is going to happen to them, or haven’t they thought that far ahead?