Australian magistrate applauds protesters who climbed on Peter Dutton’s office roof

Australian magistrate applauds protesters who climbed on Peter Dutton’s office roof, by Renee Viellaris.

A QUEENSLAND magistrate has applauded a young Labor president charged for protesting against Peter Dutton’s tough immigration laws, saying, “if one of my daughters was caught doing like you did, I’d probably be very proud of her”.

The comments by Pine Rivers Magistrate Trevor Morgan, who handed down a $100 fine despite the $10,000 in wasted police resources, have angered the Immigration Minister and sparked rare commentary from Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo, who said: “From time to time judicial officers may make a comment about an issue they feel strongly about, however the court is generally no place for political commentary.”

Young Labor president Scarlett Squire, Ellen McGovern and Kelly Purnell climbed on to the roof of Mr Dutton’s Strathpine office on November 2, unfurled an Australian flag with fake blood and a sign that read, “Peter Dutton international criminal. Stop the refoulements”. The trio stayed on the roof for three hours, with police and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services units called to encourage the women to come down. …

Lawyer Dan Rogers, representing the women, said they were university students who helped the community and protested peacefully. He said they pleaded guilty early to charges of unregulated high-risk activities and obstructing police.

The law is on your side if you are PC. As is the media, the academy, and the bureaucracy. In their aggressive new world of politics above all else, one’s political tribe increasingly matters. What ever happened to the idea of one law for all? What are the rest of us going to do about it?