The post-election MSM narrative in the US

The post-election MSM narrative in the US, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

The MSM has created three post-election narratives which they are following in order to weaken Trump and set him up for impeachment (or so they hope). …

1. Trump has MASSIVE conflicts of interest with his business.

The MSM had many months to write stories about this before the election, but it was almost completely ignored until after election day. …

My explanation is that the MSM was out to make sure Trump lost the election, and they believed that the best way to do that was to keep the focus on Trump’s alleged “racism” and “misogyny.” Besides, if they brought up conflicts of interest, Trump could easily deflect that and put more attention on how the Clinton family made more than $100 million while HRC was a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State …

2. Trump is reneging on his campaign promises.

…the real purpose of this narrative is to drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters. If Trump loses his popular support, then it becomes more of a possibility that the Senate would impeach him.

3. Trump was elected because of “fake news” and Russian propaganda and he lost the popular vote

This is a continuing attack on Trump’s mandate … and to keep the Trump-haters incensed and angry so that they keep fighting him and making his presidency as miserable as possible. …

We have learned that someone programmed a fake website that looked like Google and tricked Podesta with a phishing email. This is something that private hackers with no connection to the Russian government do all the time. Julian Assange said that the leaks didn’t come from the Russian government. The MSM is pushing mere speculation as if it were the rock-solid truth. So it’s very ironic that they are incensed by “fake news” when blaming Russia for Trump losing the election is a borderline fake story.

And no, a few scammers in the former Soviet Union taking advantage of fake stories as clickbait to get ad revenue is not a Russian government plot and did not swing the election.

A commenter writes:

Regarding your third point, I think you underestimate what they’re doing here. Facebook, Google and Twitter have come out with plans to crack down on “fake news”. Merkel has recently come out decrying the use of fake news and bots on social media ahead of elections she fears will go against her. I don’t think delegitimizing Trump’s mandate is their primary goal. Their primary goal is to purge social media of messages they don’t control. Their goal is to create a pretext for censorship.