Trump Invites Hungarian PM Orbán to Washington D.C.

Trump Invites Hungarian PM Orbán to Washington D.C., by Chris Tomlinson. Orbán is an outspoken foe of mass Muslim migration into Europe, and of Europe’s Islamization.

The Prime Minister said that Mr. Trump then praised the Hungarian government and called the people of Hungary “brave freedom fighters” during a telephone conversation on Thursday night, Hungarian paper Magyar Hirlap reports.

Mr. Orbán also noted that Trump congratulated Hungary for its economic success in recent years saying that he has called the nation’s achievements over the past six years “outstanding”. …

One of the first European politicians to come out in support of Trump, the maverick Hungarian leader has been a fierce opponent of the migrant policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Union’s plans to redistribute migrants across the political bloc.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil