Fifty Shades of Hate

Fifty Shades of Hate, by Kathy Shaidle.

Right after Trump’s election, this poster was discovered duct-taped around East York:

Are you tired of political correctness?
Wondering why only white countries have to become “multicultural”?
Figuring out that diversity only means “less white people”?
Sick of being blamed for all the world’s problems?
Tired of being told you’re “racist” for celebrating your heritage?
Disgusted by the garbage on television?
Don’t see a future for yourself and your family?
Questioning when immigration will stop?
Join the Alt-Right

There follows a list of recommended “alt-right” websites, one of which is

I recognize only a couple of other sites mentioned, not because I’ve ever visited them, but because they get talked about online as notoriously “white nationalist.”

So basically, this is a handbill advertising mostly obscure blogs, beneath questions that tens of millions of folks would categorize as “valid, if a little brusque.”

Some odd thoughts:

What if eight years of Obama’s affirmative-action incompetence, arrogance, and antiwhite animus turned some formerly color-blind Americans racist?

We’ve all noticed that black vs. white racial animus has increased dramatically during the reign of the great “healer” Barack. So why can’t we take this observation to its logical conclusion and admit that antiblack feelings must have increased too, and that this was surely reflected in votes for Trump? (Or, more accurately, against Black Lives Matter enabler Hillary Clinton.) …

Trump — to the annoyance of his alt-right fanboys — is spectacularly philo-Semitic. Wouldn’t painting a swastika be an anti-Trump gesture, not a pro-one? …

As that Facebook meme puts it: “No, liberals, Trump isn’t gonna persecute gays, Jews and women. It’s not like he converted to Islam.”