Clinton’s loss is one more nail in the coffin of center-left politics in the West

Clinton’s loss is one more nail in the coffin of center-left politics in the West, by James McAuley. This is in an especially PC US newspaper!

Across [Europe], parties of the center-left that have dominated politics for decades — and that have given Europe its reputation for generous social welfare systems — now find themselves beaten, divided and directionless. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are just the latest members of a beleaguered club.

In Germany and Britain, once-mighty center-left parties have been badly diminished, locked out of their nations’ top jobs for the foreseeable future. In Spain and Greece, they have been usurped by newer, more radical alternatives. And in France and Italy, they’re still governing — but their days in power may be numbered. The rout of the center-left has even extended deep into Scandinavia, perhaps the world’s premier bastion of social democracy.

Overall, the total vote share for the continent’s traditional center-left parties is now at its lowest level since at least World War II. Like the Democrats [in the US], these parties have been marginalized, with little influence over policy as the right prepares to place its stamp on the Western world in a way that could endure for decades.

Anti-democratic bureaucratic rule, corruption, massive immigration unwanted by most natives, economic harm via excessive or lop-sided globalization deals, and social vengeance for political correctness are taking their toll — overcoming even total media and institutional control by the left. Not that the PC crew understand that yet. It’s too early for the global elite or the PC crew to reform their ways — give them a couple of years, but for now they are mainly digging in deeper.