Australia: Youth Unemployment, Back Packer Tax and Overseas Students

Australia: Youth Unemployment, Back Packer Tax and Overseas Students, by Jaymez. (Bumped) Here is a strong argument for reducing immigration via rorting the education and permanent residency rules, for taxing back-packers and international students, and for tightening up generous welfare payments.

Australia has a chronic youth unemployment problem due to competition for entry-level jobs from huge numbers of lightly-taxed back-packers and international students, many of whom are exploiting or breaking our immigration rules.

Over 1.2 million back-packers and international students compete with our youth for entry level jobs. They are much more prepared to work in remote areas or take difficult shifts than our pampered youth, who can get easy welfare payments. …

If this lost Australia back-packers or international students, who cares? I don’t believe they are making a net financial contribution to the country anyway. Most importantly, it would also free up entry level jobs for local youth. …

Once a youth has been unemployed for three months or more then then must be required to move to do jobs which they are qualified and physically able to do. If they refuse, then their welfare should be cut.

An important topic, scarcely discussed in our media. As Jaymez writes about the recent news items over changes to back-packer tax:

I was disappointed with the lack of intellectual argument from those opposing the back-packer tax. I was also surprised no-one raised the issue of youth unemployment and how back-packers, particularly those working in our cities, are keeping our inexperienced entry level youths out of jobs. Back-packers are often experienced, and for the time they are working they are keen to make money. Compared to inexperienced Australian youth, they represent a better option.

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