Australia: AHRC head Gillian Triggs ‘failing older white men’

Australia: AHRC head Gillian Triggs ‘failing older white men’, by Hedley Thomas. A clear case of PC bias against white males.

The head of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs … told the ABC this month that “the first obligation is to accept the complaint and then to investigate it and conciliate it”, and “once we receive a written complaint alleging a breach of anti-discrimination law, I must, as president, investigate and attempt to conciliate — that’s our role”. …

Aboriginal federal Labor MP Linda Burney told journalists on November 9: “It astounds­ me that the people that are advocating for the removal of 18C are basically white men of a certain age that have never experie­nced racial discrimination in their life.”

Ms Burney became ­the subject of numerous 18C complaints from white men including Zanetti and Bernie Gaynor Jr, a former army major and political aspirant.

Zanetti told the commission: “Ms Burney’s statement was purely racist, as well as sexist and ageist. I am seeking conciliation with Ms Burney via the commission.’’

Pretty straightforward one would think — one law for all. But no, Triggs is PC, so the Human Rights Commission is seeking to dismiss their case.

Zanetti said yesterday: “… It’s clear that Triggs is looking for a way to brush me and the others off while accepting much lower stand­ards of complaints such as those over Bill Leak and QUT.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil