The rising civil unrest in America is highly dangerous for the future

The rising civil unrest in America is highly dangerous for the future, by Martin Armstrong. The very left-wing Russian revolution of 1917 has echoes with the PC crew in the West today:

The average party member was very young and that was the entire key to brainwash the youth who had no experience in life to understand they were really surrendering personal values and freedom to the political class as they are doing once against in the United States.

In 1907, 22% of Bolsheviks were all under 20, with a staggering 37% were all just 20–24. Only about 16% were between the ages of 25 to 29. Therefore, 75% of the Bolsheviks were under 30 years old.

Therefore, beware of the youth. They are easily influenced and will have little regard for life for they will see themselves throughout history as the great reformers. They will not listen to Trump nor will they give him a chance for the majority of newspapers and mainstream media will attack Trump at every possible opportunity since they are bought and paid for by the establishment.

We are witnessing the second American Revolution in its infancy. The United States will break apart as was the case with Rome.

Armstrong is long-time economic commentator of note, and opines about political correctness:

Centralized government is the doom of humankind. It is people like Hillary and Obama who have, as Thomas Paine observed, “confounded society with government, as to leave no distinction between them.” Their goal is to eliminate personal freedom and impose their doctrine by sheer force.

The Puritans imposed the same policies in England following their revolution they called “Glorious” after beheading the king. They made it a felony to kiss your wife in public, outlawed sports because it led to cursing, outlawed plays for they were filled with lies, and outlawed Christmas because you should be praying not giving gifts and partying. Whenever one group thinks it has the right to impose its philosophy upon the whole, civil war breaks out historically.