Fremantle shifts Australia Day to January 28 to be ‘culturally inclusive’

Fremantle shifts Australia Day to January 28 to be ‘culturally inclusive’, by Emily Ritchie.

Fremantle will mark Australia Day two days after the rest of the nation, having scrapped the traditional January 26 celebrations out of sensitivity to Aborigines who may identify that date as “invasion day”.

It’s only the activists trying to guilt whites into giving them stuff:

Nyoongar activist Corina Abraham, who addressed the councillors on the night of the vote in August, said January 26 was “a day that signifies death and anger, when our lands were stolen”.

Sure. And other aboriginals?

Last night, former West Australian of the Year and former head of the Australia Day Council WA, Robert Isaacs, who is indigenous, slammed the city’s leaders for running an agenda.

“The shire needs to retract what it’s doing,” he told The West Australian. “It’s not in line with community attitudes.

“I strongly condemn them for this whole thing. They’ve really upset a lot of people and are not representing the ratepayers. Australia Day is Australia Day.”

More here:

Dr Isaacs, who is Aboriginal and a member of the Stolen Generation, said he had never had complaints from Aboriginal people about Australia Day.

Might the “invasion” have bought benefits to aboriginal people? I notice the activists never talk about that.

hat-tip Matthew, Stephen Neil