Australia: Senator Hanson ‘fed up’ with reverse racism

Australia: Senator Hanson ‘fed up’ with reverse racism, by 9 News.

Senator Pauline Hanson has insisted Australia has a reverse racism problem, telling defenders of race-hate laws to look at the way women who choose to wear mini-skirts are being treated by Muslims.

The One Nation leader said Australians are fed up with reverse racism and being told to be tolerant of people with no intention of assimilating into the Australian way of life.

Senator Hanson, along with Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm, has proposed a private bill that seeks to decimate race-hate laws.

Racism is treating people differently based on their race. There is no “reverse” about it. The PC, obviously, engage in a great deal of racism, which is why they refuse to define “racism” except in ridiculous ways that are completely in contradiction of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights.

The progressives in the US  are currently saying all whites are racist and no one else is racist — which at least has the virtue of being simple, except in the case of people who are fractionally white (always the Achilles heel of racists).

As Joanne often notes, changing word definitions is probably the key weapon of the PC crew in destroying sensible discussion after bullying and intimidation. “Racism” has to be their most powerful and abused word, doing a 180 degree about-face in meaning since they got hold of it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil