Sweden ‘must build whole NEW CITIES’ to cope with migrant crisis, MP urges

Sweden ‘must build whole NEW CITIES’ to cope with migrant crisis, MP urges, by Will Kirby.

Johan Edstav, a Green Party MP in charge of planning sustainable neighbourhoods, … has suggested constructing new cities and resorts, which would each house around 50,000 people.

The PC are having a love-in at the idea of large state funded projects:

Housing Minister, Peter Eriksson, has described the prospect of building new cities is “very exciting”.  “It provides opportunities for Sweden to show that it is possible to build in a way that’s long-term and sustainable.”

The housing minister added the new cities would have their own centres, workplaces and living quarters and would be located in areas “where housing is most needed”.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, there is outrage that migrants can jump ahead in the queue for existing housing and there is a chronic housing shortage. Real responses are severe:

User ‘JDAM’ wrote: “A new city in the north surrounded by a wall, where all immigrants can live with Sharia law, completely cut off from the rest of Sweden could be a good idea.”

Another user asked: “Swedish taxpayers are going to fund the artificial cities that don’t have even one per cent of self-sufficiency, and will be inhabited by imported Arabs?”, describing the idea as “fantasy and idiocy”.

Sweden, the self-styled humanitarian super power, leads the way. The world looks on, aghast.

hat-tip Stephen Neil