Peter Dutton accuses Bill Shorten of politically correct nonsense in Lebanese Muslim row

Peter Dutton accuses Bill Shorten of politically correct nonsense in Lebanese Muslim row, by Joe Kelly.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has told a Labor MP who has received death threats in the wake of his comments about migrants that she should look to her own leader for answers.

Labor MP and counter-terrorism expert Anny Aly, who was born in Egypt, says she’s received threatening emails since Mr Dutton told parliament two-thirds of people recently charged with terrorism offences were of Muslim-Lebanese descent.

“The question she should be asking is of Bill Shorten, why did he seek to whip this up into an issue of political advantage for himself? Why did he seek to misrepresent my words?” Mr Dutton told reporters in Canberra on Thursday

Mr Dutton, when answering questions about Sudanese migrants last week, blamed Fraser government immigration policies for problems such as radicalisation and gang violence 30 years on.

He doubled down in parliament this week, saying that 22 of the 33 people most recently charged with terrorism offences were from “second- and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds”.

“I’m not going to step back from this,” Mr Dutton said today, insisting he wanted an honest discussion and that his words had been factual. “I’m not going to be intimidated or misrepresented by somebody like Bill Shorten.”

Truth versus PC. Stand your ground Peter Dutton.

“Don’t talk about Facts”

Greens Senator Nick McKim has taken aim at Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for saying that of the last 33 people to have been charged with terrorist-related offences, that 22 were from a second and third generational Lebanese-Muslim background.

Senator McKim told Sky News: “We’re not disputing the numbers that he quoted. Undoubtedly the advice he’s got is accurate. But just because something is fact doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable or productive to talk about it.

What a give-away! Facts are not important to PC people, just an impediment.

Not “productive to talk about it” — you mean you don’t like it, Mr PC person. ABC heavy Trivoli recently called for an IQ test for Trump supporters, so maybe IQ facts are going to surface in political discussion? No way — facts about IQ are such kryptonite for so many PC causes that the politically correct deny that IQ even exists. The next post talks about “a lack of skills of Lebanese [Muslim] refugees” (not that skills could possibly be related to IQ).