Trump’s voters love his Twitter rants against popular culture

Trump’s voters love his Twitter rants against popular culture, by Saleno Zito.

Here is what the cosmopolitan class still does not get: It’s not just Donald Trump you are making fun of, it is people outside your circle, the voters whose sentiments and values that have been the punch line of Hollywood’s jokes for their entire lives.

And along comes this guy who finally says enough is enough, and they like it, said retired business executive Bill Englert, of New Kensington, Pennsylvania. “Trump is standing up for the so-called deplorables, intolerables and irredeemables excoriated by Hillary and the left,” he said.

“…the American people felt like it was being bullied by corporate media’s view of them. Trump is the first candidate to figuratively punch the bully in the face, and people love that.”

Celebrities have used their unearned power to mock non-PC people for years. Now Trump, who has the massive moral power that half the country voted for him (and the majority of the legal voters, very likely), is fighting back. At last.