Trump’s Video Is Evidence that Liberty Is Winning

Trump’s Video Is Evidence that Liberty Is Winning, by Jeffrey Tucker.

The president-elect in a transition might normally address the American people through network television. This is how it has normally been done. Donald Trump took another path. His transition team snagged a free YouTube channel, set up a camera, and pushed out a 2-and-a-half minute video on his transition priorities …. It’s had a million views in less than 24 hours. …

Think of the significance of this. The incoming president is using exactly the same technology that you and I have in our pocket.

What a transformation! FDR ruled the American mind through his special access to radio (his “fireside chats”). This continued through the rise of network television. The monopoly was only recently smashed. Forget the satellite hookups, press contacts, prime-time scheduling, and the rest of the apparatus that privileged the powerful in the past.

Trump’s wealth and incoming power grants him no special technological advantages over the rest of us. He simply grabbed the best tool around for communication, and it is the same tool we all use.

hat-tip Matthew