‘Ludicrous’ education system failing gifted children, parents and experts say

‘Ludicrous’ education system failing gifted children, parents and experts say, by Michael Atkin.

Six-year-old Ras Monroe is the youngest student at Kenmore State High School in Brisbane.

This year, he has been attending year 12 chemistry and physics to expand his understanding of the universe and push him academically. …

Currently that research includes advanced physics concepts like dark matter, dark energy and string theory. It is a stark contrast to what he has been taught at primary school, which left him bored and frustrated. …

His mother Margaret Monroe said Ras had acted out his frustration in class. “When he first started at prep he was running away, he was bouncing off walls, he was disrupting other kids’ learning and at that point no-one really knew what was going on with him,” she said.

The fact Ras was gifted was not identified at school, and his kindy teacher thought he had autism or had global developmental delay.

Sadly that misdiagnosis is fairly typical. And primary school science is a joke.

hat-tip Joanne