Democracy trumps the victim generation

Democracy trumps the victim generation, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Make America great again? The starting point ought to be making America tough again. And we could aim to do the same in Australia. A few hundred years ago, colonial pioneers forged a new home in a daunting but beautiful country. Less than 100 years ago, postwar migrants sought out a new and free country, laboured through a Depression to build lives for their families. A few generations ago, resilient young men went to war to fight against Nazi Germany.

Now, a pampered generation of men and women, many of whom don’t have much regard for democracy, seek out therapy for themselves and their children when an election result doesn’t go their way. Few things mark the worst of modernity as clearly as this rush among highly educated professionals to be victims of a democratic election on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. …

The other teachable moment from Trump’s win is that even an ocean away from the US, people who are horrified by the soft and sappy underbelly of modernity will feel more emboldened to confront and reject those people, institutions and political parties that fail to understand that resilience, not victimhood and therapy sessions, turned a handful of small British colonies into a great nation.

hat-tip Stephen Neil