Brace Yourself for Four Years of Nonstop Freakoutrage

Brace Yourself for Four Years of Nonstop Freakoutrage, by Kurt Schlicter.

It’s important to understand why liberals are so angry and so scared.

They are angry because they believe they have a moral right to command us, apparently bestowed by Gaia or #Science or having gone to Yale, and we are irredeemably deplorable for not submitting to their benevolent dictatorship.

They are scared because they fear we will wage the same kind of campaign of petty (and not so petty) oppression, intimidation, and bullying that they intended to wage upon us. …

Freakoutrage has been used by the left to train conservative politicians for decades now. Also media time — say something politically correct, or the media ignore you and you don’t get any precious media time. Which is why the big mainstream right wing parties around the world have become almost as PC as the left. But freakoutrage might have come to its use-by date.

Freakoutrage is really a way you and your media fluffers try to train conservative leaders. You try to teach the Republican leader that if he does anything you don’t approve of, you’ll scream and whine and then he’ll have to back down. It’s a means of control, like a shock collar. And this works on a lot of Republicans, or used to: “Oh no, the WaPo is angry! Quick, start #caring!

But The Donald? Nope. You have no heat because he’s giving absolutely no damns.

Ditching the press to scarf a sirloin? WAAAAAA! Damns given: 0.

Appointing hardcore conservatives? WAAAAA! Damns given: 0.

Building the wall, repealing O-Care, SCOTUS Justice Willet? WAAAAA! Damns given: 0.

You’ll be freaking out and the President will be eating a taco bowl and kicking it old school with his hot immigrant wife like a boss, penning and phoning Obama’s miserable legacy into oblivion.

So libs, carry on with your freakoutrages. Please. Each one makes you weaker and us stronger. Everyone sees the truth behind your freakoutrage scam. Everyone sees the truth behind you. The audience of Hamilton didn’t boo Pence. The cast didn’t lecture Pence. The audience booed us. The cast lectured us. You libs hate us. Hate, not merely dislike. Hate. Your dream is a country without us, just like I predicted in my new book.