The Easiness of Being Liberal

The Easiness of Being Liberal, by Chilton Williamson.

Liberals today are the beneficiaries of privileges non-liberals do not enjoy, among them preference in hiring, attention paid to their enlightened persons, recognition granted to their achievements, respect for their opinions on every subject, and deference in politically mixed company on those rare occasions when liberals and conservatives come into social proximity.  Being liberal today means never having to watch your tongue, apologize for your opinions, or converse in hushed tones in public places.

Whereas to be a conservative means putting up with accusations of saying or writing “offensive” things, while enduring patiently and in silence daily offenses offered by liberal speakers, liberal writers, liberal colleagues, and liberal neighbors.  It means needing to seek out more or less obscure journals, radio and television programs, and newspapers while being hammered by the ubiquitous, unavoidable politically correct mass media.

hat-tip Stephen Neil