Peak China

Peak China, by David Archibald.  A new President will see things with fresh eyes. One thing those 70 year old eyes will see is the just released report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.  He is likely to coming to the conclusion that it is idiotic to enrich your self-selected enemy with the effect that that enemy can do a better job of attacking you.

The United States has put up with a certain amount of bad behaviour from China in the hope that China will decide that being rich and happy in the community of nations is better than the alternative — poor and reviled and an outsider from the club of good countries.

Eventually the United States will give up on waiting for China to change its outlook on the world, especially given that China is using its enormous trade surplus with the United States to build up its military to the point at which it can attack the United States.

The United States military buildup coming is wholly so as to be able to prevail in a contest of arms with China. Allowing China to run an enormous trade surplus makes that task so much more difficult and will increase the amount of American blood shed.

Coming back to the subject of speed junkies, the report speculates, reading between the lines, that China is making methamphetamines precursor chemicals in great quantities to supply the meth labs in Mexico in order to degrade U.S. society.

Of course this is the reverse of the Opium Wars but with strategic intent rather than for commercial gain. Degrading the U.S. economy was the intent of China going along with President Obama’s climate charade. China was going to increase coal consumption while President Obama send power bills through the roof, as he promised to.

China oil

The current rate of decline [in oil production] is 12 percent per annum.  Nobody knows when it will bottom out. The war mongers who run China now would be aware that this decline rate is impeding their freedom of action, just as Japan realised that they would run out of oil unless they seized some oil fields early after their entry into World War 2.

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