Who Pays for the Anti-Trump Demonstrations/Riots?

Who Pays for the Anti-Trump Demonstrations/Riots? by Roger L. Simon. Long line of chartered buses in Chicago ferried participants to the anti-Trump protests there.

Then there are meals and per diems for the participants, not to mention a little vigorish for their troubles. …

The sacking of Portland is, so far, only the worst of what is happening across the country. There’s plenty more, accompanied by chants of “Love Trumps Hate” alternating with”Kill the Police.”

Not very gentle stuff for supposed peacemakers. But perhaps they were only imitating their leader. …


The operative questions, however, is just who pays for this mayhem — and what do these funders want.

Asra Nomani posted a list of 100 supporters of the Trump protests on Twitter … and 33 of the 100 received money from one man, referred to at the link in proper Twitter syntax as @georgesoros. …

And meanwhile the protesters march and smash, fed by his machine. But for what end?

Can Soros or anyone else really tell us? Do they know themselves? Is it a last-ditch attempt to prove some kind of “benign” Marxism can work, or finally just that blind assertion of power? Or maybe it’s just one massive ego trip.