Trump kills the ‘money buys elections’ cliche

Trump kills the ‘money buys elections’ cliche, by Bradley Smith.

President-elect Trump broke a lot of barriers this election. He overcame controversy, a so-called “unprofessional” campaign operation and the opposition of both major party establishments.

His election should also allow political observers to retire an old cliche: The idea that “money buys elections.” …

Consider that Hillary Clinton’s campaign outspent Trump by more than two-to-one. Pro-Clinton ads outnumbered pro-Trump ads by three-to-one. Independent groups (the “super PACs”) supporting Clinton outspent independent groups supporting Trump by three-to-one. The average contribution to Trump was smaller than the average contribution to Clinton. And on and on it goes.

We’re told by campaign finance “reformers” that we must restrict spending in politics so that “people” can have their voices heard.

Yet somehow all that campaign reform means that in recent elections the Democrats always have more money. Coincidence?