From ‘rape Melania’ to mocking violent beat downs of white people, the extreme cruelty and mental illness of the left has no place in a civilized society

From ‘rape Melania’ to mocking violent beat downs of white people, the extreme cruelty and mental illness of the left has no place in a civilized society, by Mike Adams.

It’s now obvious to nearly every reasonable person that the cruelty, lawlessness and mental illness being demonstrated by those on the political left has no place in a civilized nation.

Not only did America-hating leftists carry a RAPE MELANIA sign to an anti-Trump protest, they made the hashtag #RapeMelania go viral on Twitter, where the leftist tech corporation allowed it to reach the top of its trending hashtag chart.

Yes, the same Twitter that banned numerous accounts of people who criticized Hillary Clinton’s health problems openly allowed users to share the “rape Melania” hashtag. Obviously, this is because people on the left are so compassionate about women, right? Sure it is…

Remember: The same people who claimed “Love Trumps Hate” are now promoting a cruel, violent act against America’s soon-to-be First Lady, who is also a legal immigrant to America. …

Can you imagine the bonkers outcry from the leftist media if white Trump supporters held up signs that read, “RAPE MICHELLE O?”

Political correctness as a form of mental illness:

The political left today is defined by mass mental illness, delusional thinking, crybaby lack of maturity, social bullying, rampant intolerance under the label of “tolerance,” coordinated violence against innocents, an abandonment of democratic principles and a sickeningly high tolerance for lies and deception. …

Seriously: In any society where college students have to be told to play with Play-Doh and hug puppies to “heal themselves” from the trauma of an election outcome, something has truly gone mental.

Is there any hope for our western society?

Can they ever come back from the abyss of lunacy? …

Now, for the first time in my adult life, we have entered uncharted territory that the globalists have not scripted for us in advance. Under the courage and leadership of Donald Trump, we have a real shot at creating a future where We the People are not ordered around by a collection of leftist lunatics who proclaim themselves to be the cultural majority while shoving their transgenderism programming down our throats through TV shows and movies. This does not mean Trump is going to be 100% successful — that’s not possible in a deep bureaucracy of any kind — but at least he’s his own man and not run like a puppet by the globalists.

The hypocrisy is too obvious, too egregious, and too widely condemned even by more moderate leftists. Some do support democracy and are appalled by what is happening. Lines are being drawn and perhaps the extremists are going to be driven back into the small, dark quarter from whence they emerged.

Either way, so much damage has been already done. The West is old, infertile, and loaded with debt. In addition to which it has let in a lot of non-westerners. Doesn’t look good.

I would just like our civilization to go out with a little bit of intellectual dignity, not trembling in a safe space.

hat-tip Philip Barton