Donald Trump won’t be as bad as you think

Donald Trump won’t be as bad as you think, by Douglas Murray.

In a last-minute pre-election plea, the [US] talkshow host Bill Maher insisted that Trump was different. That although Maher and other leftists had claimed that Mitt Romney and John McCain were sexist, homophobic racists as well, they had in fact been lying.

Maher admitted that he and other leftists ‘cried wolf’ with them, whereas Trump really was all of these things, and also a fascist to boot. And the thing about fascists, Maher insisted, is that once they get power they don’t give it up.

One hates to remind people of this, but they said the same thing about George W. Bush. In 2008 there was no executive order for Bush to remain in office in perpetuity. That too dissolved into the tide of American hyperbole. As will the excesses of Trump and his critics.

hat-tip Stephen Neil