Trump’s War on the Green Blob Will Make (Almost) All of Us Richer, Happier, and Freer

Trump’s War on the Green Blob Will Make (Almost) All of Us Richer, Happier, and Freer, by James Delingpole.

Make no mistake, the Donald Trump presidency represents the biggest blow yet to the Great Global Warming Swindle. …

For the Greenies, all this must seem like Armageddon come early. … I really don’t think it’s possible to exaggerate just what a world of pain is coming to the greenies thanks to Donald J Trump.

Joanne and I have been in the climate change “debate” for years, and when we investigate Green proselytizers in climate change advocacy we always find a pot of money for them at the end of it. It’s literally professionals versus amateurs.

This will, of course, be spun in most of the mainstream media as a truly terrible thing. And that view will be echoed across a global establishment which has unquestioningly bought in to the climate change narrative and often benefited financially from it. Never forget that the global warming industry is worth annually about the same as the online shopping industry – about $1.5 trillion.

An awful lot of people depend for their livelihoods on “global warming” being a thing. They’re not going to take the loss of their main source of income lying down: I expect the climate propaganda war is going to get a lot more vicious in the next four years, with Trump being vilified as a thuggish, anti-science ignoramus, hell bent on crass economic growth at the expense of the planet and future generations, and with his few supporters in the media being mocked, scorned, and marginalised as rabid, contrarian loons. …

Waging war on the green blob is good for the real economy:

Trump’s war on the Green Blob is going to make America a lot more prosperous. By driving down the cost of energy it will mean people have more disposable income; it will create jobs for workers in fossil fuel industries (the coal states will benefit especially); and it will make heavy industry more viable, meaning that U.S. jobs can be restored from abroad. …

The green war on Western industrial civilisation has been going on for so long I feared I’d never live to see the counterattack.

Cool Futures Hedge Fund:

You may remember a few months ago I mentioned the Cool Futures Fund. As far as I know it’s the world’s only hedge fund geared to betting against the climate alarmist “consensus”.

When I helped crowdfund it in January by buying a share in its management company, I did so more than anything as a gesture of defiance. I wasn’t altogether sure it would really get off the ground, nor that if it did it would make money – not with the Obama administration and its likely successor the Hillary Clinton administration pushing the green agenda so hard.

But now I learn from one of its founders that the Fund is ready to launch early next year: they’ve done all their compliance and they’re good to go – which leaves them pretty well placed, I imagine, to take advantage of the rebalancing of the global energy economy which Trump will undoubtedly effect.

Here’s their website if you’re interested.

I have an interest in the Cool Futures Management, and am a scientific advisor.