Trump’s 5-year-old granddaughter reciting poetry in Chinese has gone viral

Trump’s 5-year-old granddaughter reciting poetry in Chinese has gone viral, by RT.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, first shared the video of her daughter, Arabella Kushner, on Instagram in February, but it has since resurfaced on Chinese social media in the wake of Trump winning the US presidential election.

Kushner has been studying Chinese since she was 18 months old. The video was made to celebrate Chinese New Year, with Kushner wearing traditional Chinese dress and surrounded by Chinese decorations as she recited poetry from the Tang Dynasty.

If you just saw the video, would you have picked her as Trump’s granddaughter? The media’s stereotypes of their enemies can be so inaccurate.

Many sharing the video in China said they were “shocked” to learn Trump’s granddaughter could speak Mandarin.

“At least the video shows that Trump places importance on education and did not shut the door on foreign culture,” one Weibo user said.

“In order to figure out whether Chinese people are secretly insulting him, he actually urged his granddaughter to learn Chinese!” another joked.

“Looks like Trump realizes the future belongs to China, so it’s not impossible for her granddaughter to immigrate to China in the future,” said another.

hat-tip Stephen Neil