To our young “Progressives”at University: You are not educated; you are propagandized

To our young “Progressives”at University: You are not educated; you are propagandized, by EveryJoe.

Bu’, bu’, but…you’re educated! You’re just so much better educated than the knuckle-dragging high school graduates of flyover country! Surely their votes shouldn’t count! Surely, at least, yours should count for more!

No, you are not educated; you are propagandized. Propagandization is the exact opposite of education.

You have not been taught to think; you have been told what to think and taught not to think. Your skulls have been filled to the brim, as mentioned above, with left wing professorial shit.

Not only should your votes not count for more; you should not be allowed to vote at all. You’re not mentally fit for the responsibility. As for the high school graduates of flyover country, no, they don’t have your sheepskins, and precisely because of that, because their native intelligence and talent have, unlike yours, not been suppressed or eradicated, they are in every way more fit for citizenship and its responsibilities, to include voting, than you are.

They’re not, for example, dumb enough to vote for politicians and policies that will leave their children with a standard of living comparable to that found in Bangladesh or Haiti. You people, on the other hand, are just that dumb.

And another thing.

Let me tell you, though, yet another way in which they’re a lot brighter than you are; they’re bright enough to realize that the globalist elites, who don’t care a fig for them, or you, or me, are the enemy.

You’re dumb enough to “Occupy Wall Street” and accomplish nothing. They’re bright enough to vote against a woman who was completely the creature of moneyed interests, utterly beholden to them, US hyper-rich, international globalist, and outright enemy (Saudi Arabia, I am looking at you).