Dear Leftist Bullies: It’s not “racism,” but behavior

Dear Leftist Bullies: It’s not “racism,” but behavior, by Jonathon Haidt. An article on globalism versus nationalism, in which the globalists loudly but inaccurately accuse the nationalists of the heinous crime of “racism.”

On closer inspection, racism usually turns out to be deeply bound up with moral concerns. …

People don’t hate others just because they have darker skin or differently shaped noses; they hate people whom they perceive as having values that are incompatible with their own, or who (they believe) engage in behaviors they find abhorrent, or whom they perceive to be a threat to something they hold dear….

For example, Islam is a religion but it is also a totalitarian political ideology that is incompatible without our successful modern western tradition, including the Enlightenment. But it’s not genetic, so opposing it isn’t racism. Before that the western left tried to foist communism on us, another totalitarian political ideology trying to take over the world.

Authoritarians are not being selfish. They are not trying to protect their wallets or even their families. They are trying to protect their group or society.

Some authoritarians see their race or bloodline as the thing to be protected, and these people make up the deeply racist subset of right-wing populist movements, including the fringe that is sometimes attracted to neo-Nazism. They would not even accept immigrants who fully assimilated to the culture.

But more typically, in modern Europe and America, it is the nation and its culture that nationalists want to preserve.

The globalists also often try the illogical and insulting trick of saying “yucky racists support your position therefore you are a yucky racist.” Are they stupid, or just bullies?

hat-tip Stephen Neil