Trump’s first interview after his election

Trump’s first interview after his election. Not bad; interesting now that the election is over and governing begins. [Original YouTube of the whole interview was removed. These two have a few excerpts.]

President-elect Donald Trump also talks about his phone call with President Obama, their discussion included: the Middle East and Obama Care. Trump said that he had great chemistry with President Obama and they never discussed what they said about each other during the election, and their was no awkwardness.

On immigration, Trump said that he will build the Mexican wall although their could be some fencing. He continues by saying that he will deport up to 3 million criminal, illegal immigrants.

After his meeting with Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Republican leadership, his immediate priorities include health care, immigration and the simplification and lowering of the taxation system.

Trump talks about his transition team and hints at his cabinet and phasing out government corruption. He said that he will appoint pro-life justices and judges and talks in more detail about the future of abortion. He said he is not scared by his new responsibilities.

On the anti-Trump demonstrations and protestors, Trump said that “they don’t know me” and they should not be afraid.

Trump on Twitter and other social media — “Social Media has more power than the money the Clinton Campaign spent”.

Trump on Hillary Clinton – Is Presidentelect Donald Trump going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton over her emails, and try and get her in jail as previously stated? – “I am going to think about it, I feel that I want to focus on Jobs, I want to focus on health care and a border immigration bill…” ” She has done bad things, I don’t want to hurt them (Clintons), they are good people”.