Climate Advocates Look to Totalitarian China for Leadership

Climate Advocates Look to Totalitarian China for Leadership, by Eric Worrall.

Trump’s America cancelling billions of dollars of UN climate payments apparently opens the way for totalitarian China to assume the moral high ground in global environmental diplomacy:

Trump Win Clears Way For China to Lead on Climate

The election of climate change skeptic Donald Trump as president is likely to end the U.S. leadership role in the international fight against global warming and may lead to the emergence of a new and unlikely champion: China.

China worked closely with the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama to build momentum ahead of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. The partnership of the two biggest greenhouse gas emitters helped get nearly 200 countries to support the pact at the historic meet in France’s capital.

To me this ridiculous positioning of China as the new environmental champion is simply more evidence of the toxic anti-Americanism and anti-Western politics at the heart of the global climate movement, and the moral bankruptcy of some leading climate advocates.

China, which recently announced a three year plan to increase coal capacity by a whopping 20%, an entire Canada worth of carbon emissions, should have been treated as a pariah by the global climate movement. Instead, they are being lauded as heroes and international leaders.

There are those who say that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming was always about politics, and they point to the complete lack of due diligence on the theory by governments. A trial without a defense is a sham; a parliament without an opposition is a rubber-stamp. Why is it being left a rag-tag bunch of volunteers such as me to audit the theory?