Australia: MPs slam ABC’s US election coverage as biased against Trump

Australia: MPs slam ABC’s US election coverage as biased against Trump, by Sam Buckingham-Jones.

Government MPs have called on ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie to explain why some of the public broadcaster’s top on-air ­talent expressed views stridently against president-elect Donald Trump in the lead-up to his victory.

At least a dozen of the ABC’s high-profile radio and television presenters, including Insiders host Barrie Cassidy, PM host Mark Colvin and journalist Annabel Crabb, expressed their disdain for the “nightmare” of a Trump presidency and asked if there was an “off switch” for his campaign.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott slammed what he said was a public display of bias, showing the organisation didn’t reflect diverse views.

“The only diversity the ABC lacks is intellectual diversity,” he said. “No conservative listening to ‘our’ ABC’s current affairs programs could think that his or her views were getting a fair go. But people largely without a voice in the media still have a vote … as the Trump triumph in the US ­illustrates.” …

Former ABC chairman ­Maurice Newman said the comments from an array of senior presenters meant the ABC should consider apologising for how it ­reported on Trump’s campaign and victory.

The ABC is the leader and home of political correctness in Australia. They have only contempt for the views of 50 to 80 percent of Australians, and it is ridiculous and scandalous that all Australians should be forced to support the ABC through our taxes.

Want an Australia with much less political correctness? Privatize the ABC immediately.