Professor who predicted Trump’s win explains what comes next

Professor who predicted Trump’s win explains what comes next. Professor Darren Beattie was asked “What does the Trump victory mean for America in this point in history?”

This is a global phenomenon in the sense that it emerges out of a political dynamic that extends to Western Europe. Fundamentally, I think what we’re seeing is a referendum on globalization as it has been practiced over the past 30 years. Watch out for similar upsets in Germany, France, Netherlands, etc.

“Will Trump be more moderate now that he has won the presidency?”

I think we need to unpack [the] word “moderate” a bit. I like to make a strong distinction between “centrist” and “mainstream.”

Centrist” in my view is pretty much in the center of what most people in the country actually believe; “mainstream” refers to positions promoted by the corporate media and academic opinion.

Trump’s success, I think, points to the difference between centrist and mainstream. I do think we will see a change in Trump’s tone. I think all of his most significant proposals will become law. Keep in mind that for a lot, all he has to do is repeal executive orders.

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