Woman drops race hate claim against Bill Leak

Woman drops race hate claim against Bill Leak, by Andrew Burrell.

A young woman who alleged that she suffered racial hatred because of a provocative Bill Leak cartoon in The Australian has withdrawn her complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. …

Bill Leak cartoon in the Australian

Bill Leak cartoon in The Australian

Leak said last night he found it “utterly extraordinary” that Ms Dinnsion was able to make the complaint under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and then withdraw it without any consequences. “This woman, I believe, has very flippantly and recklessly lodged a complaint with the ARHC,” he said. “It shows what a farcical process this is. I’ve got News Corp backing me legally. But if I was a private citizen, this would have cost me an absolute fortune.

“She has put me through a month or so of incredible stress. She never met me, she doesn’t have to justify anything she does. No one asked her any questions and it doesn’t cost her a cent. As a consequence my life has been thrown into utter chaos. And at time when it just happens to suit her, she just decides this could turn into a bit of a hassle, so she can withdraw it.”

The process was the punishment.