Trump will be President: now quit it with the hypocrisy and hysteria

Trump will be President: now quit it with the hypocrisy and hysteria, by Nathan Hondros. The predictable and ridiculous reaction of those informed and trained by the PC media:

People are losing their minds.

In the last 24 hours I’ve looked on as otherwise sensible Australians have derided American voters as idiots, morons, “rapey”, hateful, misogynistic, racist, transphobic, homophobic, creeps and “pussy grabbers”.

They don’t deserve democracy, the theme continues.

An ABC presenter covering the election was even caught on a mic she didn’t know was broadcasting saying Trump voters should have IQ tests before being allowed to vote.

The hate spewed at Trump himself was even worse.

I guarantee, if you open up any social media feed right now, you will find one of your friends or followers calling for his assassination.

Last night I was told to “go f**k” myself for pointing out the execution of people with whom you disagree had no place in a democracy.

Like Pavlov’s dogs. Here in Australia the media only presented the Democrat (PC) view of the US election, so anyone who didn’t go searching out for more material on the ‘Net has a completely unbalanced view — they are literally “low information”, despite thinking they have been fully informed of all the major stuff.

Just ask them: what are Trump’s policies? Trump summarized them neatly in two pages here, but I bet few Australians could name more than about two of the twenty eight really significant ones. Which proves how misinformed we are by our media — we know a lot about the vitriol the PC like to throw at Trump, but next to nothing about his policies! The media coverage has been appalling.

I’ve never in my life seen highwire hypocrisy this breathtaking.

Those who bleated interminably on Twitter about the injustice of Trump saying Clinton should be in prison for her mishandling of classified information now seriously call for his murder.

Those who justifiably pilloried Trump for his lewd comments about women, now want the vote taken off those who supported him anyway. …

They are really angry because they have been so wildly misinformed. They were told over and over by the media that they were morally superior, on the side of history, and they were going to win — possibly in a landslide. So losing blindsided and confused them. Blame your media, not American voters!

But what the keyboard experts are really venting is the confused anger that they could be so wrong about the world; the ideological scales have fallen from their eyes, as someone wise put it to me last night. Real people have rejected the fantasies they have nurtured behind the digital walls of their social media accounts.

hat-tip Barry Corke