Lena Dunham: Extinction Of White Men Would Prompt ‘Evolution Of Better Men’

Lena Dunham: Extinction Of White Men Would Prompt ‘Evolution Of Better Men’, by Staff Writer at Milo Yiannopoulos.

Actress Lena Dunham says that if white men go extinct, it would lead to “the evolution of men into better men.”

Yes, those are actual words from Lena Dunham. No, feminists – you know, those people who supposedly fight for female and male rights – aren’t freaking out about it.

Why? Because Lena Dunham has taken advantage of the well-known ethical loophole that grants liberals the right to say psychopathic things about straight white men.

The modern left has abandoned the class concerns that motivated the old left, and instead embraced identity politics and built up a coalition of the fringes. They try to appeal to every identity group — except white men, especially those who are straight, Christian, and don’t live in the inner cities. Negativity — envy, dislike, and worse — of white men is the crazy glue that holds the coalition together (hat-tip to the every insightful Steve Sailer). Which is why we get attempts like this as PC people try to outdo one another by being more “virtuous.”

Here is Dunham:

This must embarrass most lefties, but they never publicly criticize this particular prejudice and discrimination.