Hillary Clinton’s Vaunted GOTV Operation May Have Turned Out Trump Voters

Hillary Clinton’s Vaunted Get-Out-The -Vote Operation May Have Turned Out Trump Voters, by Becky Bond at The Huffington Post.

The media have made much ado about the absence of a real Trump organization on the ground in the states …

As the post-election day hangover wears off, an examination of the mechanics behind the Clinton’s get out the vote efforts — reaching out to Clinton voters in key states at the door, on the phone or by text messages — reveals evidence of what appears to be a pretty shocking truth. Clinton volunteers were inadvertently turning out Trump voters. Possibly in significant numbers.

This matters where voting is optional.

Volunteers for the Clinton campaign in Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina have reported that when reminding people to vote, they encountered a significant number of Trump voters. Anecdotal evidence points to anywhere from five to 25 percent of contacts were inadvertently targeted to Trump supporters.

This is a big deal because when voters are engaged by a volunteer they are significantly more likely to cast a ballot in an election. To make matters worse, because Republicans had a non-existent ground game in many areas this cycle, this powerful reminder from a Clinton volunteer to get out and vote might have been the only personalized GOTV communication these Trump voters received.

The campaign’s text messaging GOTV effort may have been the worst offender. Volunteers reported as many as 30% of the replies they received from voters they were urging to get out were Trump supporters. …

How could the Clinton campaign have gotten the targeting so wrong? In the rust belt states, there were many registered Democrats voting for Trump, not Clinton.