When does the postmortem for the media begin?

When does the postmortem for the media begin? by Jazz Shaw.

This wasn’t just a question of the pollsters getting their likely voter models massively wrong. That’s just number crunching.

It was the media spokesmodels who took it upon themselves to tell Trump supporters not only that they had no chance, but then went on in great detail to tell them why their cause was hopeless. They were terrible people, probably fully deserving of the title, basket of deporables. Trump was terrible so that segment of the audience was obviously supporting a terrible person who voters of good intent and pure souls would soundly reject on election day.

Worse than that, thanks to Wikileaks we’ve been treated to one revelation after another of journalists – including debate moderators – who were working behind the scene to help the Clinton campaign in every way possible. Some resorted to cheating by leaking debate questions. The occasional analysis of how much time, both positive and negative, was devoted to each candidate spoke volumes. Trump’s negative coverage was an ocean compared to Clinton’s puddle.

The pollsters screwed up their math. Cable news hosts and the editorial boards at outfits like the Washington Post engaged in an all out war to stop Trump at all costs and paint him in the most unflattering light possible at every turn. The voters turned around yesterday and told them to go pack sand. Why is this not being discussed?

This applies in spades to the Australian coverage of the election — especially the ABC and SBS, whose coverage could have been written by the Democrat HQ.