The Optimism of a Trump Voter

The Optimism of a Trump Voter, by reader Charles in the US.

Just today I came to realize how fortunate we are to have Trump as president.  It is only a feeling but it came to me today after watching the meetings between Obama and himself and Paul Ryan. It seems that the only Republican senators that lost their seats were the ones that backed off supporting Trump. Many Republicans know this.

I think his business acumen is really going to come into play and he will get more unity between the parties than might have been imagined not long ago.

Take Obama for example.  It will only be a matter of months before his legacy is wiped out.  Eight years down the tubes.  The executive orders will be canceled and Obamacare goes to the dumpster.

Obama will have to leave behind his left-wing leanings but I will not be surprised if Trump gives Obama a chance to champion some things for him. That will help Obama and Trump in that they are showing unity. Obama would be wise to take him up on that opportunity when it arises and leave his ideology behind.

Trump did have coattail effects and that has to be clear to the never-Trumpers  Ryan looked very excited after today’s meeting.  He will go with Trump’s agenda.

Because of the win it is now Trump’s Republican party.  The Democrats have no bench now. There are five Democrat senators from red states up for election in two years.  Trump will schmooze as required but he will get bipartisan support.  He knows how to deal. That is his strength.

My country was on the brink.  Hillary was not just a criminal but she was also incompetent.  That was her record.

I feel optimistic again.