I’m Getting Nervous About All These Calls for Trump to Unify with the Losers

I’m Getting Nervous About All These Calls for Trump to Unify with the Losers, by Rush Limbaugh.

The illusion has been that we [conservatives] are the ones dwindling away to nothing, and it’s been the exact opposite. [The Democrats have been getting shellacking since 2010 … the House, in the Senate, go to governorships, mayors, the town councils.] The pollsters didn’t miss anything.  They didn’t get anything wrong.  They just didn’t tell us the truth about what they were seeing in these polls. …

The idea they don’t know who Trump voters are — BS.  They know exactly who the Trump voter is.  They ignored them.  They impugned them. …

We know that all of the protests at Trump rallies were bought and paid for primarily by George Soros, by the Democrat Party.  We are still being treated by the media to a picture of America that isn’t true.  They want you to believe that a majority of Americans is fit to fit to be tied and angry over the election of Donald Trump and as one of which we can never unify unless Trump caves on everything in order to get peace.

In other words, calls for unity backed by threats of violent protests are just the usual “do as I say” from the global elite. It’s an illusion anyway.

The time to unify is after we have forced them into surrender just like we did the Japanese in World War II.  But the days of unifying with the losers because they’re mad and we don’t want the media saying mean things about us, they lost.

And, folks, they have been losing since 2010.  Obama would not have won his two elections were it not for his race. I am convinced that his approval numbers — people say, “Rush, how can you say what you’re saying.  Obama’s got 53% approval.”

No, he doesn’t.  His policies were unilaterally rejected in this election, folks.  The presidency of Barack Obama was sent packing.  That is exactly what was on the ballot, and we have with his own words if you recall.  Part of his campaign — his ego couldn’t help it — he’s out there campaigning (imitating Obama), “My legacy is all about this. My issues are on the ballot.  Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of everything and all the progress we made.”

What happened?  A total repudiation.  That 53% approval rating is because of his race and for other surface-oriented factors, but not substance. And they use that 53%, and I’m not even sure I believe that number.  That number doesn’t does make sense with the election results.  The Democrat Party and the agenda of Barack Obama were entirely, totally repudiated in this election, as was the Democrat Party.  It was a bloodbath.  That is how bad it was.  And what people are now learning, they didn’t know just how bad it was on the Democrat side. …

ACLU has already announced they’re going to sue Trump.  Folks, there is no desire for unity by the people on the left.  It’s a trap, it’s a sucker play, and what makes me nervous is that we have Republicans who want to fall into that trap.