The Nuclear Option: Welcome, Democrats, to the Revolution

The Nuclear Option: Welcome, Democrats, to the Revolution, by Charles Hurt.

Tens of millions of voters cast ballots Tuesday for Hillary Clinton. Except for a relative handful of wealthy and connected people, nobody actually wanted to vote for her.

She is the most corrupt, compromised, dishonest, self-dealing, delusional and unlikeable candidate perhaps to ever run for president. …

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign was about everything and anything and, in the end, nothing. In her closing ad, played to the tune of a famous pop song, “supporters” declared they were voting for “equality,” “respect,” “courage,” “community,” “fairness” and a bunch of other gobbledygook. The only thing nobody said they were voting for: Hillary Clinton.

A revolution is coming to the Democrats. Their coalition of the fringes cannot hold.

Some voted for her because she was not Donald Trump. Others voted for her because, as Democrats, they are part of a grand corrupt compromise that brings together all the various grievous factions that make up the Democratic Party.

But the glue that keeps this aging syndicate from fracturing into all-out war is thinning. How long can Black Lives Matter race-baiters work in cahoots with the United Steelworkers Union?

That glue almost came apart in the insurgent campaign of Bernard Sanders. But, thanks to the corrupt conspiracy inside the Democratic National Committee, that revolt was put down. …

The same revolution that exploded the Republican Party this year is still boiling inside the Democratic Party. Eventually, it will explode. And the longer it seethes, the more devastating the explosion will be.