Life Outside the Liberal Bubble

Life Outside the Liberal Bubble, by J.D. Vance.

The electoral demographics are now undeniable: The white working class in the Rust Belt just made Donald J. Trump the president-elect of the United States.

To suggest that Trump voters are worried about anything real is to invite scorn from certain corners of the mainstream media. The “economic anxiety” tweet, a special brand of sarcasm that mocks the suggestion that Trump supporters are buttressed by economic forces, has entered the online lexicon. Many cannot stomach the fact that people are driven to Trump by anything besides racism.

Someone admitting they got it wrong because they lived in the media’s information silo:

Long before most others, I had predicted that Mr. Trump would win the Republican nomination because I saw the passion he inspired in my friends and family. But as the election came down to the wire, I had little doubt that Hillary Clinton would win. I regurgitated the conventional wisdom about her firewalls in North Carolina and Florida, and confidently predicted a Clinton victory. …

I didn’t overestimate Mrs. Clinton’s chances because the information didn’t exist, but because my social network and geography made it easier to ignore countervailing information. I followed the herd, and my herd was wrong.