The US Brexit unfolding. “Trump Triumphs” in NY Times

The US Brexit unfolding. “Trump Triumphs” in NY Times, by Joanne Nova.

Bigger than Brexit: This is a win for workers and the middle class.

It’s a major loss for the old media and political correctness.  Corruption finally gets pegged back.

Trump beat both political parties, almost every government organisation, Wall Street, and media outlets.

Listening to the ABC, commentators are talking about the fear of a Trump victory. But the only people who ought to be afraid are the corrupt, the freeloaders and the illegal immigrants. People phoning in were talking about the grassroots movement of those who are fed up with the establishment. The ABC academic, given the last word, replied that this wasn’t a real grassroots movement — “that narrative is false” — because “political parties have been trying to seed doubts about institutions for years”. Sure thing. Which political party supported Trump?

The Trump victory is a win for democracy. This is as grassroots as it gets. Without the internet and a passionate crowd of people on the street how could Trump have defeated the non-stop demonization from the media?

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