Media inferno as Donald Trump’s Momentum Shocks

Media inferno as Donald Trump’s Momentum Shocks, by Cynthia Littleton.

The disbelief was clear in the voices of many anchors as they began to articulate that Trump’s thoroughly unconventional campaign could defy all odds and virtually every protocol in American politics.

If Trump prevails, it will amount to “an ideological and electoral revolution that we haven’t seen since Reagan,” said Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer. CBS News’ Peggy Noonan echoed that sentiment. “It is epic. It is surprising. It’s a kind of uprising, a kind of revolt,” she said. …

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly observed that the long night ahead may force her to bow out of her scheduled guest co-hosting gig … Wednesday morning. “This was not what they expected,” Kelly said of the Clinton campaign. “They thought she was going to run away with it.” …

[E]xit poll data showed Clinton faring worse than Obama in 2012 among black men and Hispanic women while Trump had better-than-expected pull with blue-collar voters in Rust Belt states, according to CBS News.

Clinton’s campaign had no shortage of star power … casting Trump as a danger to civil rights and common decency.

That sentiment was echoed by many establishment figures, from major newspapers who penned dire warnings about the threat he posed to Republican leaders who vowed not to vote for him. But that collective outrage and outreach didn’t dissuade millions of voters.

“The vaunted power of the media is not what it might once have been,” Hume observed.

The media may be the big losers here, with their credibility in tatters. Their viewers were led to expect that Trump would lose, and that he is the second coming of Hitler.